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ALL Signed and Numbered kits will include:

All the parts necessary for building my 1:24 scale Uncertain-T Model, including:


- The gas tank that Monogram didn’t bother including.

- A display, unlike the nice one included in the Monogram kits.

- No girl. There never was a girl with me in my display at any show, except a girlfriend or two every now and then, and an occasional “admirer”. Instead, I’m working on including a figure of me like in my famous photos. You will be able to choose which one you want.

- At least one trophy.

- Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

- 3 (three), 8-1/2” x 11” color photos of your choice, autographed by me, that I sell for $10 each! When I sign them, I will include the corresponding number of your Signed and Numbered kit! These will most likely be in a separate envelope.

- Instruction sheet.

- Full color information booklet about The Uncertain-T.

- Full color box.

And a few surprises!

(To be continued as I finalize and reveal items)

- Updated 2/7/22 -

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