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I am making no promises as to "when" they will be ready for mailing.

See why below.  I am only making this promise:



After that, my guess is that I'm going to be a VERY busy guy, filling A LOT of orders

for kits that are not signed and numbered. I'm POSITIVE that I will be able to sell as

many of my New And Improved Uncertain-T Deluxe Model kits as I can produce!

So this is my "ticket outta here"... and back to where I belong... on the mainland and

going to car and model shows, and other hot rodding events! When you wonder about

when I'll finally be mailing kits... just remember how VERY important it is TO ME to

start producing and mailing finished kits! I repeat: This is not just a culmination

of my desire to have my own Uncertain-T model kit that I've been wanting to do

for over 40 years... it's my "ticket back to the mainland"... where I belong!

After that, considering all the work, research, expense, innovation, etc. that

I've been investing in this very near and dear project, my plan for a long time

has been to start producing very high quality model kits of OTHER hot rods!

You not only placed advance orders for a really cool, very sought after

Uncertain-T model kit... you are on the ground floor of a new

model kit company. I’m calling it, “Hot Rod Model Kits”.

So... "why" is this taking so much longer than I hoped and projected at the start?

If you've been paying attention, and not just asking questions without first reading,

I've posted many times that I've taken the advice of everybody here to stop pressuring myself to try to be into production sooner than later, and I've put my physical and

mental health at the top of my priority list for the long term... and it's REALLY helping.

Whenever I get even the least bit tired, or a severe headache, I go lie down, and I often

fall asleep right away, so I've really been needing this! Ignoring it was not good at all.

I’m glad to report that I'm feeling and doing better little by little all the time :)

Part of this is focusing on long overdue medical stuff, that I’m not going to go into.

At the same time I'm still continuously working on my model kit project,

just much slower than I hoped to be able to, and it's really paying off!

I've added more cool things to what will be going into the box to make it

be something VERY special. I’m actually VERY glad for the delays. As a result

of my constant research and communicating with experts and companies in

many industries around the world, there are new technologies and processes

emerging that among other things, will allow me to accomplish one of the

main objectives on my “wish list”… to produce A ONE PIECE BODY!

After failed attempts and a lot of wasted money trying to have a local machinist

make the benchtop plastic injection molding machine that I created in my mind,

I’ve realized that the only way that I can produce a one piece body is with

3D printing. Because of my extensive research, I’m very lucky to have connected

with one of the owners of a company that makes very expensive commercial,

industrial 3D printers. He’s into hot rods and loves The Uncertain-T, so he offered

to sell me one of their trade show units for factory cost… still a lot of money!

I’ve been working hard earning additional money towards purchasing one,

but I still have a long way to go.

So... when do I think the kits will be made and be mailing?

Several more months at the least... and well worth the wait.

BE SURE TO READ this excellent story about Model Making by Revell:


Besides being a very interesting and informative article, it will show you that even

BIG model kit companies like Revell that have DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of very

experienced designers, engineers and craftsmen; take UP TO 4 YEARS to produce a

model kit, and that's including usually having the actual tooling/molds made in China.

I’m just ONE PERSON, dealing with severe, debilitating headaches that make it

impossible for me to do ANYTHINGMANY days a month… EVERY month!

Keep this in mind: This project is FAR more important and pressing TO ME,

than for ANY model builder! It's something that I've wanted to do ever since

I learned from Monogram way back in the late '60's that they were discontinuing

producing their Uncertain-T 1/24 scale model kit to focus on muscle car kits!

VERY IMPORTANT: I learned VERY quickly that one of the biggest mistakes in

my life was believing what the Hawaii Tourism Dept. says about Hawaii...

and moving here! I've been trying to be able afford to move back to the

mainland ever since just a few short months after moving here!

It also turns out that I'm sure that I'm allergic to something in this area that makes

me feel like I have a very stuffy head cold almost all the time, and significantly

contributes to the severe, debilitating headaches that I've been dealing with for

the past 8 years! I usually wake up feeling like I have a cold, and worse. Even when

I don’t have a headache, I almost always have the headache pressure in my head!

It's psychological, too! Many of you that are "dealing with" difficult health or

financial situations, etc.; often feel irritated, frustrated, depressed, despondent,

etc... and even mad! Only you will know what I'm talking about. I deal with this

Often. I sometimes wake up not just feeling irritable and mad, but feeling furious...

and I don't mean like the popular movies. So, what do I do about it? I work

hard at dealing and coping with it... just like many of you do. No fun, huh?

Even when I don't "feel happy", I pretend that I am... and it really helps.

A BIG PLUS for me: After I'm finally able to afford to move back to the mainland

and start going to car and model shows and other hot rodding events all over the

country, I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting and talking in person with my

many new and old, VERY supportive friends at every event! Yeah... THAT'S YOU!

If you've placed and advance order for one or more of my New And Improved

Uncertain-T Premier Model Kits, then Thank You Very Much! If you haven’t, then

you’ll just have to wait until I’ve mailed out ALL advance orders!

If you want to learn more about The Uncertain-T, go here:


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